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I want to eat healthy

Besides the general advice given by nutritionists, there are some specific foods for you


Find your state of balance

The harmony between body and mind is the key to maintaining a healthy and balanced life. With the help of modern science, we provide genetic tests that will help you take control of how you live, to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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What’s your lifestyle ?

Nutrigenetics consists in the adjustment of your diet in according to your genetic profile. We know you different from the rest of the people and you process foods differently from others. What is good for someone doesn’t mean is good for you. The genetic test we offer can indicate if a certain food is healthy for you or not. Omega-3, for example, helps lower cholesterol levels for some people but, for others, it may worsen.

What you eat…

Information about the ingredients and nutritional values written on the back of food packaging it is not sufficient! They are missing the data about the unique impact of the products on your body. You can fill these gaps by using the “instruction manual” resulting from your genetic testing, a body guide that will help you choose the right foods for you and to maximize the power of your body.

You get safety

Performant software is analizing your interaction of the foods with your genes. After analyzing your saliva sample, we build your genetic profile and, you get a personalized diet, unique, just like you. But flexible in the same time. Also you will receive a list of 1000 foods and theire impact on your body.

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Ask a doctor

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