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Genetics brings you one step ahead of extra weight

A genetically personalized diet has a success rate of up to 2.5 times higher



It has always been said that weight loss is the result of a simple equation: eat less and do more exercise. Often, however, the results are awaited. And it is normal to be so, because, after all, you are different from everyone else, you are unique. Isn’t it?

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CWhat does it mean for you to eat less? And what is more sport?

Each of us is endowed with different genes – some absorb too much fat, while others may include two or more diet, assimilating only the amount needed. The same is true for carbohydrates. Also, some people lose weight very easily through sport, while for others, the sport would be ineffective.

Already the equation becomes more complicated

You miss more data from the ideal formula for weight loss. The ideal solving of your problem lies in the latest genetic testing. We offer a “user manual” of your body that help you know exactly what to do and how to be one step ahead of the extra pounds. Thus, science today offers you a fascinating chapters structured guide, where you will find the necessary information.

You get precise data

Following the analysis of your sample of saliva (yes, that simple!), we build your genetic profile and, based on it, you’ll receive a personalized diet, just like you – UNIQUE. Also in the analysis you will receive a list of over 1,000 foods and their impact on your body, over 30 different daily menus and more than 100 personalized genetic recipes.

You probably have many questions

You can leave us a message below or check out the FAQ section.

Ask a doctor

You can not find the information that interests you? Stay carefree. We are here to offer you personalized support (such as genetic testing). Send us your questions via the form below and we will respond as soon as possible. You can take advantage of the option “live chat” in the bottom right corner.

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