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The DNA Nutricontrol Portal

The easiest way to plan your diet is based on your genetic profile

The DNA Nutricontrol Portal functions based on the weight sensor or the sport one and does all maths for you. With only a few clicks, you can plan an optim diet and a daily exercise program.

The platform filters all the aliments through your genetic profile and advises you on nutrition so that you don’t overcome the maximum of calories per day. If the menu doesn’t make you smile from the inside, do not worry about it – there are almost 1000 menus from where you can choose.

Do you cook?

If that’s a yes -great! Choose from more than 800 recipes suited to your genetic profile and include it in your nutrition plan. Each ingredient is personalized in so that you can reach the ideal.

What advantages does this portal have

  • 15,000 ingredients & 140 000 products (brands)
  • Shopping list
  • 800+ personalized recipes
  • Work out plan
  • Follow the progress
  • It’s free as long as you acquire the weight or sport analysis

You can acces the portal here: DNAnutriControl Portal!

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