Genetic Tests for Allergies

Sensor for Allergies

4.140 lei

Analysis for over 100 allergies

sensor allergies treatment

• Antibody test IgE for more than 100 allergens
• Analysis of allergens that triggers an immune response immediately
• Determination of coupling reactions
• Treatment recommendations and action depending on your results
• Analyses excluding the pain and risk of anaphylactic shock

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Product Description

The term allergy refers to an hypersensitivity of the immune system to a foreign substance that usually is not dangerous (= allergens). Your immune system creates antibodies to allergens during the first contact with the source of allergens (= allergisation); any subsequent contact can trigger a violent defensive reaction (= symptom)

Examine the allergenic components of: Plants (grass and pollen,…), Animals (dogs, cats), Insects (mites, kitchen beetles, bees,…), Mold (aspergillus, alternaria, cladosporiu,…), Latex Types of food (milk, eggs, carrots, celery, kiwi, peach, mar, wheat, shrimps, hazelnut).


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