Primary prevention Bundle

Primary prevention Bundle

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Consists in the selection of more than 52 genetic variations that affect the development and course of major common diseases. prevention-icotreatment-ico

The bundle contains:


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Cardiovascular Deseases Sensor

Prevention and treatment of lipid metabolism problems preventie-ico diagnostic-ico tratament-ico • Analysis of more than 18 genetic variations • Identifying the predisposition to high cholesterol (HDL and LDL), homocysteine and triglyceride • How beneficial is Omega 3 fatty acid for your cholesterol level • Predisposition to sudden cardiac death (long QT interval) • Prevention and treatment personalized plan by establishing adequate nutrition • Analysis of more than 17 genetic variations and the effect of more than 26 relevant drugs • Increased chances of recovery through optimal medical therapy • Medical monitoring for optimal prevention


Trombo Sensor

Effective prevention of thrombosis
preventie-ico tratament-ico
• Diagnostics for a high risk of thrombosis
• Analysis of relevant genes for thrombosis
• Analysis of over 7 genetic variations and relevant effect of over 4 drugs
• Thrombosis prevention program adapted to your genes
• Enhanced protection against heart attack, stroke or pulmonary embolism
• Warning if medicines can trigger thrombosis
• Increasing the chances of recovery by optimal medical therapy
• For women: effect of hormonal treatments on health


Type 2 Diabetes Sensor

Prevention and effective treatment of diabetes

preventie-ico diagnostic-ico tratament-ico

• Genetic evaluation of your risk of diabetes
• Analysis of more than 8 genes with influence on diabetes
• Analysis of over 10 genetic variations and the effect of more than 15 relevant drugs
• Assessing the risk of gestational diabetes
• Evaluation time (sooner or later) for insulin replacement need
• Determining the effectiveness of metformin, glibenclamide, tolbutamide and glimepiride
• Prevention medically supervised program


Hypertension Sensor

Prevention and optimal treatment for hypertension. preventie-ico  tratament-ico

• Analysis of relevant genetic variations

• Determing genetic risk for hypertension

• Personalized prevention program to reduce blood pressure

• Analysis of over 6 genetic variations for the effect of 12 relevant drugs

• More beneficial treatment through optimal drug therapy

• Medical monitoring for optimal prevention

Product Description

How it works?
If you and your doctor decide to make this analyzes, take a sample of your saliva with a cotton tampon provided in the kit you will receive.
After the sample arrives in our laboratory, DNA is extracted and your corresponding gene segments are examined to identify variations.
Our scientists will evaluate your genetic profile and will elaborate an individual prevention program and treatment.
Through the assistance of a competent physician you can then start a genetically personalized prevention program.
+ Analysis of over 52 genes variations
+ The impact of over 10 kinds of different diseases
+ Estimating the effects and side effects of 54 different drugs
What kind of questions can this analyse respond to?
How high is your risk of developing the most common diseases?
How you can take preventive measures?
What is the most effective medication?
Omega 3 fatty acid is beneficial for your cholesterol level?
How high is the risk to which you are subject to contract cardiovascular diseases such as hypercholesterolemia, atherosclerosis, low triglycerides and homocysteine and how we can prevent it through nutrition?
B2 vitamin is effective in lowering levels of homocysteine?
Aspirin is effective in preventing arterial thrombosis?
How high is the risk to which you are subjected in the development of diabetes and what medication is most effective?


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