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This package contains all of our genetic analyzes for disease prevention and healthy eating and will help you minimize the risks of genetic and maintain your health. If you already suffer from a certain disease, this analysis will help you select the optimal therapy. preventie-icodiagnostic-icotratament-ico

The bundle contains:

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Pachetul contine:


Genetic Healthy Eating Sensor

Analysis can help you to avoid poorly tolerated foods, to identify problems encountered in the process of detoxification of heavy metals, pesticides and solvents and to optimally provide important nutrients for your body.
preventie-ico tratament-ico
+ Analysis of over 50 genetic variations
+ The impact on over 20 metabolic dysfunctions
+ Assessment of over 1,000 types of food, depending on your genes
+ Identify your needs in case of over 20 vitamins and minerals
+ Over 60 pages of nutrition schemes


Side effects of drugs sensor

Avoiding side effects of drugs and improving treatment outcomes


• Analysis of over 20 genetic variations
• Over 230 drugs evaluated according to optimal effects and side effects
• The evaluation of the decomposition, activation and transformation of each drug
• Drugs for more than 30 areas
• Avoiding side effects
• Increasing the success rate of treatment


Sensor for macular degeneration

Macular degeneration: effective prevention and early detection for optimum eye health

preventie-ico tratament-ico

• Genetic analysis of the risk of macular degeneration
• Analysis of genetic relevant variations
• Genetically personalized prevention program
• Nutrition adapted for prevention, including the recommendation of specific micronutrients
• Medically supervised program of action


Glaucoma Sensor

Detects glaucoma in its early stages and establishes treatment

preventie-ico tratament-ico

• Genetic evaluation of your risk of glaucoma
• Important information for early detection
• Analysis of genetic variations that cause the disease
• Simple and effective treatment when diagnosed in time
• Increased protection against one of the main causes of blindness


Type 2 Diabetes Sensor

Prevention and effective treatment of diabetes

preventie-ico diagnostic-ico tratament-ico

• Genetic evaluation of your risk of diabetes
• Analysis of more than 8 genes with influence on diabetes
• Analysis of over 10 genetic variations and the effect of more than 15 relevant drugs
• Assessing the risk of gestational diabetes
• Evaluation time (sooner or later) for insulin replacement need
• Determining the effectiveness of metformin, glibenclamide, tolbutamide and glimepiride
• Prevention medically supervised program


Hypertension Sensor

Prevention and optimal treatment for hypertension. preventie-ico  tratament-ico

• Analysis of relevant genetic variations

• Determing genetic risk for hypertension

• Personalized prevention program to reduce blood pressure

• Analysis of over 6 genetic variations for the effect of 12 relevant drugs

• More beneficial treatment through optimal drug therapy

• Medical monitoring for optimal prevention


Cardiovascular Deseases Sensor

Prevention and treatment of lipid metabolism problems preventie-ico diagnostic-ico tratament-ico • Analysis of more than 18 genetic variations • Identifying the predisposition to high cholesterol (HDL and LDL), homocysteine and triglyceride • How beneficial is Omega 3 fatty acid for your cholesterol level • Predisposition to sudden cardiac death (long QT interval) • Prevention and treatment personalized plan by establishing adequate nutrition • Analysis of more than 17 genetic variations and the effect of more than 26 relevant drugs • Increased chances of recovery through optimal medical therapy • Medical monitoring for optimal prevention


Trombo Sensor

Effective prevention of thrombosis
preventie-ico tratament-ico
• Diagnostics for a high risk of thrombosis
• Analysis of relevant genes for thrombosis
• Analysis of over 7 genetic variations and relevant effect of over 4 drugs
• Thrombosis prevention program adapted to your genes
• Enhanced protection against heart attack, stroke or pulmonary embolism
• Warning if medicines can trigger thrombosis
• Increasing the chances of recovery by optimal medical therapy
• For women: effect of hormonal treatments on health

senzorul pentru osteoporoza

Osteoporosis Sensor

Halting the loss of bone density and improvement in treatment of osteoporosis

preventie-ico tratament-ico

• Assessing genetic risk of osteoporosis
• Analysis of more than 3 genetic variations
• Assessment of capacity to absorb calcium from food
• Adapted nutrition and prevention program for osteoporosis
• Evaluating the effectiveness of various therapies (bisphosphonates, raloxifene, alendronate, hormones)
• Analysis of more than 12 genetic variations and the effect of more than 18 relevant drugs
• High success rate of treatment by personalized therapy
• Medically supervised program of prevention

breastand prostate

Health of Breast / Prostate Sensor (cancer prevention for breast or prostate)

Effective prevention and treating breast cancer at women
preventie-ico diagnostic-ico tratament-ico
• Analysis of over 9 genetic variations responsible for the risk of breast cancer
• Prevention and early genetics detection program
• Adapting lifestyle to reduce the risk of breast cancer
• Analysis of more than 13 genetic variations for the effect on more than 40 relevant drugs
• Higher chances of recovery with optimal drug therapy
• Medical monitoring for optimal prevention

Effective prevention and treating prostate cancer at men
preventie-ico diagnostic-ico tratament-ico
• Establishing genetic risk of prostate cancer
• Establishing genetic risk of prostate hyperplasia • Extensive testing of more than 9 genetic variations
• Analysis of more than 13 genetic variations and the effect of more than 40 relevant drugs
• Effective measures for early detection and prevention
• Better recovery process with optimal medical treatment
• Adapting lifestyle to decrease the risk of disease
• Medical monitoring for optimal prevention


Gluten Intolerance Sensor

Early detection and nutrition adjustment

diagnostic-ico tratament-ico

• Classification as "risk group" or "not risk group"
• Immediate detection of symptoms
• Analysis of genetic variations HLA DQ 2.5 and DQ8 that influence disease risk
• Adapting nutrition to eliminate symptoms
• Protection against secondary diseases, which are sometimes fatal
• Medically supervised prevention program


Lactose Sensor

Early detection and nutritional adjustments to remove lactose, if necessary

diagnostic-ico tratament-ico

• Genetic analysis of your risk
• Analysis of relevant genetic variations
• Immediate detection of symptoms
• Adjusting nutrition to eliminate symptoms
• Medically supervised program of action


Detox Sensor

Optimal support for detox.
preventie-ico tratament-ico
• Genetic analysis of detoxification capacity
• Detoxify heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, chemicals, smoke and ash
• Analysis of oxidative stress
• Action program for reducing toxins
• Recommendations of micronutrients for filtering heavy metals from the body
• Analysis of over 9 genetic variations that influence detoxification
• The effects of alcohol, coffee and substances that induce dependence on your body
• Lifestyle adjustments for optimum health

Product Description

Prevention: Keep yourself fit and healthy throughout life!

Our genes matrix represents our body and controls a variety of properties, such as color eyes, height or talents. Unfortunately, our genes are not perfect and are characterized by errors, and each of us have genetic defects or genetic variations that affect our health negatively.

These genetic variations can increase risk of diabetes, thrombosis or cancer, can determine how effective we can remove toxines from our body, control food intolerances such as gluten or lactose intolerance and determine how vulnerable we are in relation to periodontitis.

Genes determine what kind of drugs are effective, which ones can cause severe side effects and whether our immune system recognizes titanium dental implant and reject it.

By analyzing more than 110 genetic variations we can identify your risk of disease, we can start a prevention program appropriate to your genetic profile or we can select the most effective treatment and most appropriate drug therapy for the disorder.

Nutrigenetics: Nutrition depending on your genes. Genetic variations affect how your body responds to certain nutrients and food ingredients and determining the type of substances that can be converted and used correctly.

Nutrition plays a crucial role in the pathogenesis of many diseases; thanks to the latest technology in the field, we can now to analyze genes and nutrition we can adjust so that your genetic risks to be neutralized. If, for example, genetic analysis indicates that you are subject to an increased risk of developing osteoporosis, it is recommended to change your nutrition and increase calcium intake. Therefore, dairy products that contain calcium are recommended intense. However, if you could develop lactose intolerance, your nutrition should include also other foods containing calcium like broccoli. 

Considering over 50 over 22 genes and metabolic dysfunction, nutrition can be adapted individually to neutralize genetic weaknesses, allowing you to maintain your health.


By analyzing relevant polymorphisms, we can obtain valuable information for prevention and treatment of certain diseases. You can identify genetic predisposition for a desease, drugs that are most effective and how to reduce risk.

Nutrition program will also help to adapt your nutrition to neutralize the risk of disease and maintain your health.

Analysis for weight loss will help you lose weight quickly and effectively or to maintain your ideal weight without much effort.

How it works?

If you and your doctor decide to take this bundle of analyzes you will harvest a saliva sample using a cotton swab.

After arrivel in our labs, your DNA is extracted and examined  to identify variations.

Our scientists will then assess your genetic profile and will develop a program of prevention and individualized treatment.

Through the assistance of a competent physician you can then start the genetically personalized prevention program.

As part of this analysis, we will test more than 110 genetic variations that provide answers to the following questions:

How high is your risk of suffering from 35 diseases or metabolic disorders?

Do you have a restricted calcium absorption?

What medicines can have side effects and are effective in your case?

What changes in lifestyle are recommended?

Omega 3 fatty acid is optimal for your cholesterol level?

How efficiently your body can detoxify heavy metals, chemicals, ash and smoke?

How can we help detoxify our bodies?

How are we protected against oxidative stress?

What kind of micronutrients are necessary for your body and what is the optimal dose?

Does your body convert Q10 coenzime right?

Why are you overweight? Fats or carbohydrates?

How can you lose weight and how you can maintain efficiently?

How alcohol, coffee and substances of addiction affect your health?

What preventative measures you should take to keep healthy?

And many other questions …


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