Performance Sport Sensor

Performance Sport Sensor

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Optimized nutrition and workout depending on your genes
• Analysis of over 52 relevant genetic variations
• Determining the genetic talent for athletic sports
• Determining the genetic talent for endurance sports
• Personalized nutrition program from the genetic point of view for an optimum energy balance
• Assistance in detoxifying the body
• Avoiding food with reduced compatibility
• Increasing performance in competitive sports

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Product Description

Certain genetic variations control the organical structure, therefore present a significant impact on the power and strength of muscle cells. Because of these genes, some genetic types respond very quickly and generates great strengths (large and thick cells), while other genetic types show muscle cells, which are considered to be weaker and slower but, because they provide an improved blood circulation, they are perfectly adapted for endurance sports.
Scientific studies have shown that an athlete benefits of 5 times higher opportunities to qualify at Olympics/ World Cup in a sport discipline for which its genes are perfectly adapted, rather than in any other sport. So genetic analysis allows identifying your genetic talents for strength and endurance sports, therefore, you can define your athletic orientation.
Your genes also control the way your body absorbs certain nutrients and then converts them to stay healthy. There are recorded differences in calcium absorption, in the way your body reacts to certain food ingredients or how it executes detoxify pollutants that affect performance and determine the required micronutrients to maintain healthy joints.
+ Over 60 pages of sport and nutrition schemes
+ Analysis of over 52 genetic variations
+ Analysis of the genetic talent for strength and endurance sports
+ The impact over more than 20 metabolic problems
+ Assessment of over 1,000 nutrients depending on your genes
+ Identifying your individual needs in relation to more than 20 vitamins and minerals
+ Evaluation of unhealthy food ingredients that inhibit athletic performance


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