Gastrointestinal Bundle

Gastrointestinal Bundle

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Acest pachet contine analize genetice referitoare la intoleranta
alimentara si bolile tractului gastrointestinal.

diagnostic-ico preventie-ico

Pachetul contine:


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Pachetul contine:


Gluten Intolerance Sensor

Early detection and nutrition adjustment

diagnostic-ico tratament-ico

• Classification as "risk group" or "not risk group"
• Immediate detection of symptoms
• Analysis of genetic variations HLA DQ 2.5 and DQ8 that influence disease risk
• Adapting nutrition to eliminate symptoms
• Protection against secondary diseases, which are sometimes fatal
• Medically supervised prevention program


Lactose Sensor

Early detection and nutritional adjustments to remove lactose, if necessary

diagnostic-ico tratament-ico

• Genetic analysis of your risk
• Analysis of relevant genetic variations
• Immediate detection of symptoms
• Adjusting nutrition to eliminate symptoms
• Medically supervised program of action

crohn desease sensor

Crohn Desease Sensor

Early detection and the proper treatment of Crohn's disease:

diagnostic-ico tratament-ico

• Early detection and the proper treatment of Crohn's disease
• Analysis of genetic relevant variations
• Immediate detection of symptoms
• Personalized nutrition recommendations for eliminating symptoms

Product Description

+ We analyse over 5 genetic variations
+ The influence over 2 types of food intolerance
+ Early detection and imediat treatment of food intolerance
What sort of questions can this analyse answer:
Manifest a genetic predisposition for lactose intolerance?
Manifest a genetic predisposition to gluten intolerance (celiac disease)?
Calcium absorption is restricted?
If you suffer from a food intolerance, can you completely eliminate symptoms?
Manifest a genetic predisposition for Crohn’s disease?
How can you identify symptoms early and get your treatment right?



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