food intolerance sensor

Food Intolerance Sensor

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Analyze intoerance of about 180 foods.
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• Approximately 180 food depending on the IgG immune response
• Possible optimization of your diet by avoiding food allergens
• List of types of foods and ingredients that you should avoid
• Alternative list foods
• Suggestions for returning to some types of foods.

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Product Description

Already suffering from a digestive problem or other symptoms of food intolerance? Food intolerance sensor can help you determine intolerances for over 180 foods and adapt your optimal diet. The analysis detects the presence of IgG antibodies specific food and allows you to avoid foods that trigger symptoms, resulting in long-term mitigation.
Food intolerances are very common and is estimated to affect approximately 45% of the population.
It is important to distinguish between allergies and intolerance. Compared with classic food allergies often cause severe symptoms in minutes delayed intolerances often result in complications that can occur after several hours or even days. The immune system acts very slowly in the presence of these foods and leads to a mild inflammation, but chronic of the tissue.
Because of these delays, it is difficult to identify what food causes these problems. Possible symptoms are: constant tiredness and lack of energy, bloating, diarrhea, severe headache, irritable bowel syndrome, headaches and respiratory disorders or skin irritation.
Food intolerance sensor allows you to determine about 180 potential food intolerances. A blood sample is taken by the method of collecting from the finger. This blood sample is then analyzed a a micro scale with advanced technology that allows a clear determination of IgG antibodies present in a variety of foods. You will receive a brochure with detailed explanations of explained intolerances you tips against the change in your nutrition.
We analyse foods from the following groups:
Dairy products, cereals (with or without gluten) fruit, vegetables, fish / seafood, meat, herbs / spices, nuts / seeds, edible oils, other.
~ 180 food types classified by tolerance
The list of food types you should avoid
Optimizing your diet by avoiding food allergens
List of alternative food types.


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