DNA nutricontrol bundle

DNA Nutricontrol Bundle

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Genetic Healthy Eating Sensor

Analysis can help you to avoid poorly tolerated foods, to identify problems encountered in the process of detoxification of heavy metals, pesticides and solvents and to optimally provide important nutrients for your body.
preventie-ico tratament-ico
+ Analysis of over 50 genetic variations
+ The impact on over 20 metabolic dysfunctions
+ Assessment of over 1,000 types of food, depending on your genes
+ Identify your needs in case of over 20 vitamins and minerals
+ Over 60 pages of nutrition schemes


Weight Management Sensor

Personalized weight-loss program based on the genetic profile

preventie-ico tratament-ico

• Analysis of 8 genetic variations
• Find out what contributes to your risk of obesity – fats or carbohydrates
• Genetic personalized nutrition and exercises program
• Report containing more than 60 pages and over 1,000 foods evaluated depending on your genes
• Weight loss program
• Daily menu plan according to your genes
• Diet plan through DNAnutriControl portal


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