40 plus bundle

40+ Bundle

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This bundle contains the most important genetic analyzes for men and women aged over 40 years and help reduce the risk of genetic disease and maintain health. If you already suffer from certain diseases, this analysis will help you follow the optimal therapy.


The bundle contais:

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Pachetul contine:


Cardiovascular Deseases Sensor

Prevention and treatment of lipid metabolism problems preventie-ico diagnostic-ico tratament-ico • Analysis of more than 18 genetic variations • Identifying the predisposition to high cholesterol (HDL and LDL), homocysteine and triglyceride • How beneficial is Omega 3 fatty acid for your cholesterol level • Predisposition to sudden cardiac death (long QT interval) • Prevention and treatment personalized plan by establishing adequate nutrition • Analysis of more than 17 genetic variations and the effect of more than 26 relevant drugs • Increased chances of recovery through optimal medical therapy • Medical monitoring for optimal prevention


Trombo Sensor

Effective prevention of thrombosis
preventie-ico tratament-ico
• Diagnostics for a high risk of thrombosis
• Analysis of relevant genes for thrombosis
• Analysis of over 7 genetic variations and relevant effect of over 4 drugs
• Thrombosis prevention program adapted to your genes
• Enhanced protection against heart attack, stroke or pulmonary embolism
• Warning if medicines can trigger thrombosis
• Increasing the chances of recovery by optimal medical therapy
• For women: effect of hormonal treatments on health

senzorul pentru osteoporoza

Osteoporosis Sensor

Halting the loss of bone density and improvement in treatment of osteoporosis

preventie-ico tratament-ico

• Assessing genetic risk of osteoporosis
• Analysis of more than 3 genetic variations
• Assessment of capacity to absorb calcium from food
• Adapted nutrition and prevention program for osteoporosis
• Evaluating the effectiveness of various therapies (bisphosphonates, raloxifene, alendronate, hormones)
• Analysis of more than 12 genetic variations and the effect of more than 18 relevant drugs
• High success rate of treatment by personalized therapy
• Medically supervised program of prevention

breastand prostate

Health of Breast / Prostate Sensor (cancer prevention for breast or prostate)

Effective prevention and treating breast cancer at women
preventie-ico diagnostic-ico tratament-ico
• Analysis of over 9 genetic variations responsible for the risk of breast cancer
• Prevention and early genetics detection program
• Adapting lifestyle to reduce the risk of breast cancer
• Analysis of more than 13 genetic variations for the effect on more than 40 relevant drugs
• Higher chances of recovery with optimal drug therapy
• Medical monitoring for optimal prevention

Effective prevention and treating prostate cancer at men
preventie-ico diagnostic-ico tratament-ico
• Establishing genetic risk of prostate cancer
• Establishing genetic risk of prostate hyperplasia • Extensive testing of more than 9 genetic variations
• Analysis of more than 13 genetic variations and the effect of more than 40 relevant drugs
• Effective measures for early detection and prevention
• Better recovery process with optimal medical treatment
• Adapting lifestyle to decrease the risk of disease
• Medical monitoring for optimal prevention


Detox Sensor

Optimal support for detox.
preventie-ico tratament-ico
• Genetic analysis of detoxification capacity
• Detoxify heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, chemicals, smoke and ash
• Analysis of oxidative stress
• Action program for reducing toxins
• Recommendations of micronutrients for filtering heavy metals from the body
• Analysis of over 9 genetic variations that influence detoxification
• The effects of alcohol, coffee and substances that induce dependence on your body
• Lifestyle adjustments for optimum health

Product Description

With age, the risk of developing certain diseases increases. Some of disease particularly affects men older than 40 years. Prostate enlargement or prostate cancer are common diseases in men and are significantly influenced by genetic predisposition For women, the risks are slightly different. For example, after menopause, bones feel the lack of certain hormones in the body and begins to weaken. Breast cancer is another disease specific to women, especially over 40 years.
Similarly, genes play a crucial role in maintaining bone mass, so some people because predispositions genetic gradually develop osteoporosis.
Lipid metabolism in relation to cholesterol, triglycerides, homocysteine ​​and the overall health of the heart are strongly influenced by genes. Predisposition to thrombosis is also relevant because it can trigger a heart attack or stroke.
+ The analysis of more than 65 variations of genes
+ Impact on more than 11 different disease patterns
+ Estimating the effects and side effects of more than 73 drugs
+ Evaluation of risks and benefits of hormone replacement therapy
+ Determinaera necessary micronutrients
What sort of questions can this analysis answer:
How high is your risk of osteoporosis?
Calcium absorption is restricted?
How high is the risk of prostate cancer?
What forms of treatment are most effective for prostate cancer?
What medications can cause side effects and which ones are effective?
What is your predisposition to high cholesterol (HDL and LDL)?
How beneficial are Omega 3 acid fats to your cholesterol level?
How effective detoxifies your body after contact with heavy metals, chemicals, smoke and soot?
Are you protected against oxidative stress?


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