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Optimize your way of living

You can’t change your genes, but you can change your way of life around them


The Environment

Everyone’s adapting to the environment they leave in is the ideal strategy for a long ad healthy life. But we can not rule out the unique genetic profile of this tactic.

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Traditional medicine vs. your uniwue medicine

Personalized medicine is the practice that uses genetic profile of the individual in taking measures for prevention, diagnosis or treatment. If until now, the diagnose you received was the same as everyone elses, now you can receive treatments totally different, unique, customized according to your DNA. Personalized medicine is undoubtedly the medicine of the future.

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While the mechanic has the book of the car, your doctor is forced to try different treatments in different dosages to find the best solutions for your problems. Because you are different conventional treatments often do not work.

You are a step ahead

Besides the doctor, who benefit most from a unique manual of your body is you.
Sure you want to know the risks of developing certain diseases and how to minimize them. Or, for example, if you have an ordinary headache – which drug is best and which is totally ineffective.
And everything is quite simple: after analyzing your saliva sample, we build your genetic profile and, bazed on it, you receive the prevention program and treatment, UNIQUE, same as you.

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Ask a doctor

You can not find the information that interests you? Stay carefree. We are here to offer you personalized support (such as genetic testing). Send us your questions via the form below and we will respond as soon as possible. You can take advantage of the option “live chat” in the bottom right corner.

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