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Performance is writen in your DNA

Be number 1 with a simple recipe: hard work and genetically personalized training


Contemporary Heroes

What fascinates us about our athletes is that obsessive dedication, courage, physical beauty, but also the years of hard work and sacrifice. In the face of such a contemporary hero, nobody thinks about what they can’t see: the genes that make the difference between victory and failure.

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Different sports, different athletes

As a sportsman, if the genetic profile is perfectly aligned with the sport he practices, he is 5 times more likely to qualify for the Olympics.
Your muscle cells structure is unique. Bigger cells and thicker generates strong forces in a short time, so they are ideal for sports that require speed and high power. Other, weaker and slower, they are suitable for endurance sports, because they have a improved blood circulation. What type of muscle cells do you have?

Train like a champ

Besides perseverance, dedication and courage, a champion must know his body very well. What type of muscle structure does he has and what type of sport does he respond better? What nutrients are absorbed best by the body? What are the best suppliments? What is the most effective caloric distribution? What is the perfect weight and how to get there?

Optimization, the key of success

We can reveal concrete data to help you optimize every necessary aspect to perform better in any sport. All thanks to an extensive analysis of your saliva sample.

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