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6 simple steps to take

General questions

Genetic tests offered by MyBodyGuide are unique and bring you the latest information that you need to live better and healthier with which you were endowed by nature. Also, in the case of existing conditions by conducting appropriate tests you have access to complete information about the best treatments.

You have to walk through our menu and understand better what you need. You can choose to control your weight at a certain level, if you want to eat healthy in a personalized way, find out what performance sport suits you genetically or avoid risks of diseases that you have from birth.

Learn more about how your genetic markup influences the way you function: how you gain weight, how your body interacts at the microscopic level with more than 1,000 foods so you can determine in full awareness what is good for you, how drugs interact with your body so you can choose the most effective case, what sports you can practice at performance level and how to maximize your results in chosen sport. We will provide a useful guide that covers all parts relevant to you.

Tests can be performed from the first second of life. In this way, you have a clearer view on the functioning of your body and learn how to use it optimally. It’s only your body that you can not change, but you can use as much of it as possible. Moreover, at any time of life it is suitable to do the test to increase your quality of life considerably.

Each person is unique, so each family member has a unique gene structure and reacts differently to various stimuli; therefore, for an optimal lifestyle, tests must be carried out by each person.

These tests can be done at birth and are valid lifelong. As earlier are, the faster we learn how the body works and what we must do to stay healthy as long as possible.

The tests offered by MyBodyGuide addresses the idea of modern genetics by the fact that most of the results focuses on solutions offered for living better, healthier and / or more efficient with what we have been endowed by at birth. he solutions offered are based on experienced geneticists and software performance, which explores the interaction of different genes control certain features of our operation and optimize them so.

Questions about the tests

It’s up to you to decide to choose what is best for you. You just have to walkthrough our menu or you can write us a line and we will answer as soon as possible.

It depends on how quickly you establish a program of diet and exercise as recommended, based on your genes. You can increase chances of losing weight by 2.5 times compared to if you did not have genetic testing done and to approach some kind or another program.

The nutrition genetic test is the most personalized nutrition test that you can do at this time of scientific development, as you reveal in detail what exactly you need and in what quantity. How each of us is unique and different from the other, we need uniquely certain amounts and proportions of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and nutrients.

The sport sensor helps you adjust your diet and necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients to the highest level so your body can perform optimally, to shorten the maximum recovery period after exercise, have a weight and distribution optimum calories.

They can detect the risks associated with your genes, risks that may result in certain diseases. These risks exist in all of us, we are born with them and do not have to wait until we get sick, but to act in time to avoid certain diseases that have a genetic predisposition (eg. Diabetes, hypertension, stroke, Alzheimer’s, thrombosis breast cancer, prostate cancer, osteoporosis, glaucoma, etc).

Questions about collecting

It’s very simple, otherwise described in the kit that you received after ordering – are collected from saliva.

Anytime, but to optimize the outcome you should consult the instructions inside the kit.

Inside the kit you can find 3 containers to minimize the risk of error. The laboratory has the lowest rates of error in the world, so only max. 2% of the cases need to repeat it.

In 2% of the cases the procedure can be repeated, which is the smallest rate in the world;

Questions about results and interpretations

There are no side effects.

The results come as a manual in printed form, in Romanian at the mailing address mentioned by you or in digital format (.pdf) available in secured form (password) on our website.

The results are very precise wth the help of our top equipment and software.

The reults are already interprated by our lab specialists in a common language and easy to understand, but, if you think you need extra informations, you can send a message to our specialists. If you already have a desease, you can go to your doctor with your genetic results, and he will prescribe the best treatment for you.

Payment questions

Directly on the site, once you have made the order. Payment is done exclusively through card via a secure page.